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Yin Yang 3-in-1 Yoga Practice

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Whether you need to infuse your day with Yang yoga energy, relax into Yin or need the right mix of both, you will find it in this Yin Yang Yoga 3-in-1 practice. Exclusive for Aquin Yoga fans, this new 3-in-1 audio series brings the studio to you, wherever your travels may take you. For less than the cost of a typical studio drop-in class:
  • You have the flexibility to build an "anytime" practice that fits your energy level.
  • Flow through a 40 min creative, strength building Yang sequence.
  • Nourish yourself with 40 min of relaxing Yin postures.
  • Let go in a 10 min Savasana and be lifted back into the day with Erin's chanting.
  • Enjoy each audio on it's own or put them together for a full 90 min practice.

You can purchase the audio using your credit card on my secure site. Just click the button below, enter your information, and you will receive the audio immediately. Plus, if for any reason you’re not happy with the audio, just let me know and I’ll offer you a refund. So go ahead and grab your Yin Yang 3-in-1 Yoga audio now!

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