Wild, Beautiful Love - 3 Month Group Coaching Program
Wild, Beautiful Love - 3 Month Group Coaching Program
Wild, Beautiful Love - 3 Month Group Coaching Program

Wild, Beautiful Love - 3 Month Group Coaching Program

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How do you want to feel in your relationship at the end of this year? 

If you have been dreaming of experiencing more love, acceptance and passion but just can't seem to get there in your relationship, keep reading.

As a Master Certified Life Coach, I have supported relationships at all stages with all sorts of issues. The one thing each of my clients has in common is they all dream of how amazing their relationship could be but don't have the road map to get there.

The "Wild, Beautiful Love" Group Program is that Roadmap.

Here's why?

When you are stuck in relationship drama- trying to figure it all out on your own, chances are you feel frustrated, hopeless and negative. It's not because you aren't capable of changing your relationship, it's simply that you are trying to use the same brain that created the current dynamic to solve the problem. 

As your Coach, I can spot your old habits, Default Beliefs and help you replace them with useful tools that will help you improve your communication and get what you want in a loving supportive relationship. Simply put I am going to teach you how to say goodbye to resentment and fighting and instead create the intimacy and joy you signed up for when you started your relationship.

Some of the topics we will be coaching on a covering in the program include:

  • overcoming resentment
  • improving your sex life/physical intimacy
  • learning how to be a CEO in your relationship (Curious, Empowered, Open)
  • creating a Dynamic Divide in your daily tasks and household chores
  • navigating Difficult Conversation
  • making Clean requests (and getting what you want)
  • the solo practice of creating a better relationship

How it works:

1) Join your weekly call with Master Coach Erin Aquin + your small group (we keep this group intimate so you can get coached every week if you want to)- please note calls will be recorded so you can watch the replay if you miss any sessions

2) Spend some time thinking about and self-coaching on the topic of the week or any personal coaching you received from Erin on the call

3) When you hit a roadblock, head over to the private Q+A forum and get additional coaching. 

Bonus #1 - Receive 3 x private 30 minute Coaching sessions with Relationship + Confidence Coach Steve Haase 

Bonus #2 - We are sending you a digital copy of Erin's new book Revitalize Your Relationship 

Course Details:

Class is from 11am-12p EST on Tuesdays beginning Oct 20 and runs for 12 weeks

The course investment is $1997 CAD approx $1500 USD or $2997 CAD (+applicable taxes) after Oct 14

Clear your schedule and claim your space now in this group. I can't wait to work with you.

Please note: This is not a couples program. By purchasing a space you acknowledge this program is just for you. If you partner is also interested in coaching with us, please reach out to hello@revitalizeyourrelationship.com and we can offer you some options.