VIP Executive Intensive with Steve Haase - Deposit

VIP Executive Intensive with Steve Haase - Deposit

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Join Master Leadership Coach Steve Haase for 2 days of massive change

This is only for executives who are ready to free themselves from being the chief firefighter so they can focus on having the biggest impact in their company. 

During the intensive, you will:

  • Clarify your personal and company vision, so you can align everyone at the organization to get bigger results faster
  • Gain insights into performance across your company, so you will have confidence on how best to manage each person
  • Discover any blind spots you may have as a leader, gaining practices and strategies to deal with them moving forward
  • Focus the metrics you use to manage their company so you can spend more time on strategy and less time putting out fires
  • Gain confidence in yourself as the perfect leader for your business right now and how to build that confidence over time.

What you receive

  • Protocols for every issue that currently weighs you down in your business to be handled by your leadership team
  • A 360 review gathered from your colleagues, managed and delivered by Steve Haase to discover where you shine as a leader and what needs attention
  • Talent review of your team so you can best support your people
  • Vision clarity session so your business can have the impact you most desire
  • 3 months of bi-weekly follow up sessions with you and any members of your team to help the new protocols become your company's ongoing practices.  If the plan doesn't do what you want it to, I'll help you ensure that it does.

What does lack of clarity cost you?

If just one person on your team is misaligned or doesn't belong in the role they're in, the drag they can produce on your business is enormous. Just two days of focused inquiry into your leadership vision, values, and systems can get rid of unnecessary confusion and result in enormous growth for your company in the year ahead.


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