Self-Investment Super Challenge (Women's Group)
Self-Investment Super Challenge (Women's Group)

Self-Investment Super Challenge (Women's Group)

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Spend 8 weeks cultivating your New Self-Investment Habit and receive the benefits in your life.

This is the first time I am teaching these tools to anyone outside of my high-end private coaching clients.

Those clients have used this process to do things like: 

  • stop overeating
  • cut back on drinking
  • quit smoking
  • get more sleep
  • learn to say no to the constant demands of their family or boss
  • start working out
  • start working on their big dream project

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Your Commitment:

If you want big results, you have to be serious about putting yourself higher on the priority list. There are two ways you will do that:

1) The Financial Investment 
As women, most of us are taught that putting money towards our own wellbeing is a frivolous extravagance. But making the financial investment for a course like this is one of the ways you put your stake in the ground and show yourself just how you serious you are about making important changes in your life.

2) The Time Commitment - 8 weeks of Zoom conference 

Block off the time in your week to join LIVE on as many of the group calls as possible and asking for coaching as often as you need it. If you can't make the calls live, I challenge you to write to me each week with an update or struggle to get coached on and set aside time to watch the replay within 48 hours of the call so you are up to date with the week ahead.

This is a group is going to be kept small to ensure everyone gets the personal support they need.