Relationship CEO Small Group Program
Relationship CEO Small Group Program

Relationship CEO Small Group Program

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You have been invited to join our small group coaching program.

Some of the topics we will be coaching on a covering in the 12 week program include:

  • overcoming resentment
  • improving your sex life/physical intimacy
  • creating a Dynamic Divide in your daily tasks and household chores
  • navigating Difficult Conversations
  • making Clean requests (and getting what you want)
  • the solo practice of creating a better relationship

Why this works:

You will not only get to work with Master Coach + Relationship and Love expert Erin Aquin on your specific relationship challenges, you will also learn from your peers within the group.

In group coaching you will quickly see that you are not alone. You aren't broken and the issues you have been are actually quite common. By watching your peers get coached you will gain insight and perspective in a way you can't experience on your own.

Program Details:

  • 12 group coaching calls with Master Coach Erin Aquin 
    Most calls will alternate each week between 7:30pm EST Monday nights and Tuesdays at 12pm EST (starting the first week of January 2021) Calls will be recorded so you can opt to attend live or watch the replay
  • short weekly video lessons designed to teach you relationship transforming tools without overwhelming you
  • an anonymous Q+A forum where you can get any additional personal coaching you need from Erin throughout the week


Bonus #1 Receive 3 x Private 30 minute Coaching session with Erin (one per month) 

Bonus #2 - A digital copy of Erin's new book Revitalize Your Relationship 

Bonus #3 - A bonus group class in December on how to thrive during the holidays