Mentorship + Mastermind Magic - payment option

Mentorship + Mastermind Magic - payment option

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What is inside this unique 4 month program:

1. A private Slack channel:
This is the mothership for everything in the program. You can get coached here, ask for spiritual guidance from Erin or the group as well as get actionable, creative feedback on your marketing message, your current offer, your sales page or that Instagram post you just aren't sure you should post. This channel will be your place to connect with each other and get support on anything and everything you need during the 4 month process.

2. Spiritual Mentorship: Let's get woo. Want to time your program launch according to the moon cycle? Want to create your next program or offer with the help of tarot cards? Are you interested in changing your money mindset through the use of ritual? Erin will teach you all of it. This is the perfect container to dive into the magical side of your life while creating tangible results in your business.

3. Deep Dive, Intuitive Master Level Coaching: Let's be real. Working with a Master Coach is a big deal. This program is a chance to do some deep work in a safe container of like minded people directly with Master Coach Erin Aquin both live on the calls and in Slack.

Program calls will begin the week of July 29, there will be 12 specific Coaching and Mentorship Calls (alternating each week, Wed early evening EST and Thursday afternoon EST) and you will also be invited to all of Erin's live calls and working sessions inside The Love + Success Program as a bonus. All calls will be recorded and available for replay for one month so you can benefit even if you can't attend live.
4. Access to Bonus Calls and Training: As a member of the Mastermind+Mentorship, you will also get access to a bonus training program The Love + Success Formula (a $1997 value) and all the Live sessions involved where you will learn how to stop overworking and start using your intuition to design a more aligned business and life.

What you can expect by the end of the program:

- a clear path to making money in your business
- more alignment and a clear, authentic marketing, sales and content process in your business
- a new relationship to money and your business that isn't separate from your spiritual path
- more tools to use in your spiritual practice and in your business

How to guarantee you get the result you came for:

The moment you make your payment and commit to this program is the moment you have declared your transformation is inevitable.

In order to make sure you get the most out of the program, we suggest you treat this program like you were paying 20K for it and show up accordingly. That means participating in Slack, asking for coaching and feedback as well as offering it to the group and attending as many of the live calls as possible.
It also means trying new spiritual tools and approaches to see enhance your current practices.

Your Investment:
While Business Masterminds are traditionally 10K-25K, we are doing this one a little bit differently. While I want you to treat this like a 20K investment, the cost for this group (and this round ONLY) is $4,000 CAD + $20 per payment admin fee and applicable taxes (approx. 3220 USD).

- 4 months of Slack spiritual and business support from Erin and your Mastermind group
- 12 Coaching/ Mentorship calls (alternating Wed early evening EST and Thursday afternoon EST)
BONUS: Access to The Love + Success Formula program ($1997 value)

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