Meditation for Leaders and Influencers - Retreat
Meditation for Leaders and Influencers - Retreat

Meditation for Leaders and Influencers - Retreat

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Join us on June 9th for the invite-only retreat for leaders and influencers.
What you'll gain:
  • Insights into how doing nothing can spark your creative juices
  • Experience for navigating life's storms of doubt and fear, so you can achieve big goals
  • Relaxation at a level that will surprise and delight you

The retreat will be at The Om Dome, 625 Sager Road, Hamilton, Ontario; an off-the-grid eco haven between Hamilton and Cambridge. Please be prepared for a short hike from the parking lot to the facilities. 

The day will start at 10am and will go to 5pm. An info pack will be sent after registering with more information. If you have any questions please email erin [at]

More Details:

This is so much more than just a meditation retreat, because we will explicitly be using these tools to help you in your role as a leader and an influencer.
No prior experience with meditation is needed for this to be hugely beneficial for you.

1. Is this retreat right for me?

This retreat is for Leaders and Influencers. If you manage people in either a professional or personal sense, run your own business (yes, yoga teachers this also means you) or are a community influencer then yes!

If you want to talk it over with us before you commit, we can chat because I want you to feel this is the perfect fit for you.

2. What are we going to do all day?

The day will primarily focus on meditation and there will be time for some light yoga or a walk if the weather is nice. You do not need to have a regular meditation practice to take part, the context for the day is around your role as a leader or influencer and how meditation can be a self-care tool as well as a catalyst for being more effective in your professional and personal life. We will also be share some ideas and tools you can use alongside your meditation to support you.

3. Tell me why you are the ones to lead the retreat.

Steve and I are not only meditators but we train meditation teachers using a very simple method that can be adapted for almost anyone. Besides our role as Teacher Trainers, we both understand the need for leaders and influencers to have the “clean slate” that meditation provides when working with other people.

I have run my own business for fifteen years and have taught thousands of people and worked with 1 on 1 clients to craft the life of their dreams. Steve is a long time entrepreneur who now manages a global team at one of Canada's top tech companies. We both know firsthand how important it is to work with people from a place of clarity in order to be an inspiring leader.

4. I can't attend but I know someone who would be perfect. How can I get them in touch?

We would love to share this day with someone you think would benefit. They can head to this link and fill out a short form to help us get to know them and we will get in touch.