The Holistic Path to Success for Wellness-Preneurs (6-Week Group Coaching Course)
The Holistic Path to Success for Wellness-Preneurs (6-Week Group Coaching Course)

The Holistic Path to Success for Wellness-Preneurs (6-Week Group Coaching Course)

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A Holistic Approach to Success for Wellness-Preneurs

Up-level Your Business and Life Before the Autumn Rush

What You'll Get:

  • 6 Video Lessons (1 per week) that teach you the concept or tool of the week
  • Access to 12 group coaching calls (45 min each) with Erin centred around the topic of the week 
  • A one-on-one coaching session with Erin (45 min) that you can schedule anytime between now and September 25
  • A private course page where you can get all the worksheets, bonus content, call recordings, submit your questions and get feedback from Erin
  • Actionable ideas, techniques and tools you can use in your business and your life to help you thrive

Course Outline

Week 1: Get Your Head Right

When you are working in a supportive role for others you need to come into each session or class you lead with a clean slate so you can hold space for your clients. This week I will teach you a simple yet powerful tool you can implement in just ten minutes a day that will shift the way you think and feel so that you can reach your goals. Think of this week as mental housekeeping so you can shine for your clients.

Week 2: Do Good, Make Money 

As a Wellness-preneur you spent a lot of time learning your craft. But have you given the same time and energy to ensuring you have a relationship to money and business that serves you? This week we are going to clean up any sticky beliefs you have about money so you can share your work and receive the abundance you deserve. 

Week 3: Do the Work, Achieve Your Dreams

Loving your craft is not enough. This week we make friends with your calendar and learn to not only set the big goals but actually get them done. 

Week 4: Moving Beyond "Bad Days"

When you run your own business there will be moments where things fall flat. Your course doesn't sell, a client doesn't re-book, someone leaves a less than stellar review of your business. These are pivotal moments that you can either learn and move on from or can give you another excuse to slow your progress or even quit. This week we will dive deep into how to handle challenging moments and not make them dramatic or painful.

Week 5: Remove Your Blocks and Stop Self-Sabotage

As a Wellness-preneur people look to you for advice on their mental and physical well-being and expect that you have it all figured out. However the truth is that you are also human and may have moments where you indulge in overwhelm or confusion about how to take your business to the next level. Or perhaps you buffer and avoid success by eating foods or taking substances that don't support you. This week we are going to talk about how you can start to shift your thinking and get freedom from any buffering or self-sabotage that you want to let go of.

Week 6: Recalibrate Your Inner Compass

Our final week is about leaving work at work and giving the wisdom you offer to your clients to yourself as well. We will embrace sustainable self-care and well-being practices so you can enjoy the abundance and success you are creating for yourself.

Dates and Schedule*

Week 1 Begins: August 7

Week 1 Live Video Calls: Thurs Aug 9 @ 12pm, Mon Aug 13 @ 7:30pm

Week 2 Calls: Thurs Aug 16 @ 12:30, Mon Aug 20 @ 7:30pm 

Week 3 Calls: Thurs Aug 23 @ 7:30pm, Mon Aug 27 @ 7:30pm

Week 4 Calls: Thurs Aug 30 @ 12pm, Tues Sept 4 @ 8pm

Week 5 Calls: Thurs Sept 6 @ 12pm, Mon Sept 10 @ 7:30pm

Week 6 Calls: Thurs Sept 13 @ 12pm, Mon Sept 17 @ 7:30pm

Call times listed are in Eastern Standard Time

 *Please note that call dates and times subject to change and if there is a change we will provide as much notice as possible. 

Early bird price ends July 9


I won't be able to make the Thursday night call each week. Are the calls recorded?

Do whatever you can do to be on each call live since the classes are part teaching and part coaching. If you can't make all the calls but wish to be in the course, they will be recorded and posted on our private course page each week.

If I can't make one of the classes can I still be coaching on the weekly topic?

If you can't make the live call, you can watch when you want to and submit your questions on our private course page and Erin will answer them for you.

Can I ask questions or get help between the classes?

Yes! That is one of the biggest benefits of this class. You can submit your written questions in our private group forum and Erin will coach you via written response.