Revitalize Your Life - Small Group Coaching Program 2020
Revitalize Your Life - Small Group Coaching Program 2020

Revitalize Your Life - Small Group Coaching Program 2020

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Get high level coaching from Erin Aquin during this special small group program. Next class begins March 27. Space is limited.


  • two group coaching calls per month with Erin (calls will be recorded if you can't attend Live)
  • six months of coaching support via private forum
  • access to an intimate like-minded community to share your progress with via private Facebook group
  • Bonus classes and workbooks to help you apply the tools you are learning


Revitalize Your Mindset

We begin with your relationship to yourself. The focus this month is on learning how to do powerful inner work that is the foundation of a life you love. 

Revitalize Your Body

If you don't look in the mirror and love what you see, this month will help you build a healthier relationship to your body.

Revitalize Your Relationships 

This month we will bring back the love. Whether you want a deeper connection with your partner or want to make peace with someone in your life you don't see eye to eye with, this month has the tools you need.

Revitalize Your Bank Account

One of the trickiest relationships out there is the one we have with money. Whether you want to earn more, save more or simply feel better about money, this month will teach you how to get there.

Reclaim Your Time 

This month you will learn how to restructure your time so that you can make room for the most important things in your life. Whether you have a dream project like writing a book, taking up an instrument or art form or you simply want more free time to spend with family and friends, this month will help you get it.

Revitalize Your Purpose

In this final month we will put everything you have learned together to plan out the next steps for you in your life. You will finish this month with not only a vision for what the rest of the year will look like, but a solid plan for making it happen.