Alumni Coaching Program - 4 Payment option

Alumni Coaching Program - 4 Payment option

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You know the basics from and this year we will take everything you have done to the next level. It is an honour to work with you as an Advanced Coaching Alumni.

 This may include work around:

  • relationships (personal and professional)
  • health and well-being
  • business and career goals
  • productivity
  • stress management
  • your relationship to money
  • emotional eating
  • buffering and habits you want to change

What you get during this year long program you get:

  • 22 private online coaching sessions - 30 minutes each that you can book according to your schedule over the course of 12 months
  • Access to voice coaching in between sessions via the Voxer Walkie Talkie app (Mon-Thurs)
  • vault of online classes and programs + other bonus goodies 

You will be billed automatically 4 times every 10 weeks