Relationship Alchemy for Entrepreneurs

Relationship Alchemy for Entrepreneurs

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A 3-Month Program Designed for Results

Each week you receive a video lesson, workbook, and two live office hours calls with Erin and Steve to help you apply the material to your life.

The 12 modules of Relationship Alchemy start with 4 that will take your business to the next level.

  • Module 1: Consulting the Oracle. Clarify your purpose and gain guidance from your future self. When you get in touch with your larger purpose, only then can you discover how to create it in the world in a sustainable way.

  • Module 2: Flow Productivity. Discover how to use intuition to create more time and energy for your business. You will learn systems and practices to create in alignment with your vision.

  • Module 3: Heart-centered creation. If the Oracle operates at 30,000 feet and Flow Productivity happens at 10,000 feet, Heart-centered creation teaches the treetop view of how to have more impact in less time.

  • Module 4: How to Never Fail Again Turn your business into a perpetual learning machine that turns every setback into a cash register cha-ching. You will discover simple systems for making more money with less drama and fear.

Revitalize your relationship with next four modules:

  • Module 5: See with fresh eyes. You will take a journey to becoming a C(urious) E(mpowered) O(pen) partner—that's right, you'll be a CEO in your relationship too! Start by discovering beliefs about yourself and your partner that hold you back.

  • Module 6: Stand in your power. Learn how to make clean requests and have difficult conversations. You will discover how showing up as yourself—rather than creating distance—increases vulnerability and connection.

  • Module 7: Make room for love. By opening to the magic of who your partner truly is, you will be able to see them in all their dimensions. This practice alone can add new layers of richness, novelty, and depth to your relationship.

  • Module 8: Make your relationship the place to be. Discover how to have fun again and live your everyday life aligned with your deeper purpose for your relationship.

Invest in your most important business asset—yourself—with the final modules:

  • Module 9: Stop spreading yourself too thin. It's time to get real about your life outside of work and relationship obligations. The best self-investment comes from improving the things you're already doing: sleep, nutrition, movement.

  • Module 10: Intuitive self-investment. Discover how to sense what your body/mind/spirit needs rather than following a rigid program that may not be what you need at the moment.

  • Module 11: Big dreams. Are you thinking big enough, not just about your business but your life as a whole? As the alchemy starts to work in your life, you may find more room for possibilities you had long ago written off.

  • Module 12: Becoming the Oracle. Stop mixing your self-worth up with your business or your relationship. You will discover your inherent worth regardless of sales, customer churn, or any other challenges at work or home.

Get these bonuses while they last:

  • One 45-minute personalized coaching session with Erin or Steve each month (a $900 value)

  • Access to the Revitalize Your Relationship virtual course (a $500 value)

  • Access to the library of Yoga and Meditation classes taught by Erin and Steve ($350 value)